Ez pmp is an organization consisting of experts in various fields required for performing projects of promotional events,
exhibitions, conventions, PR, marketing, and design services based on their professionalism. It enhances its productivity
and work quality by maintaining a Flexible PM system by which task force teams are organized according to project
objectives and Ez Hot Process System which applies a scientific proofing to each project stage.
It also performs projects more efficiently in a strategic manner using database and Ez IRP (Ez Intellectual Resource Pool)
System of project planning and execution know-how, accumulated from numerous domestic and overseas projects.

Ez One Stop Service  
  Ez pmp is an organization equipped with expert workforce and systems that may create best customer values most
efficiently. All project stages of Planning, Doing and Evaluation are handled and controlled at one point in an integrated
Flexible PM System  
  Project success depends on people. More than half of project success is dependent on ¡®Who handles it?¡¯.
Ez pmp operates Dynamic PM System by which we select professional project managers for core project functions and
actively assign expert teams for every key segment. For example, we carry out international conferences by appointing
a convention expert as project manager and assigning experts for event, promotion, PR, marketing and design services
in a systematic manner. With a unique project management system, Ez pmp may most efficiently perform project
management functions by organizing a flexible task force team according to the project size and nature.
Ez Hot Process System  
  Ez Hot Process System enables Ez pmp to select and complete core processes by project stage such as planning,
execution, evaluation and feedback in order to enhance project efficiency and create better results, before moving
to the next stage. In the planning stage, Ez pmp operates SBM (Senior Board Meeting) consisting of senior staff workers
and managers that reviews projects and JBM (Junior Brain Storming) to generate project ideas utilizing pools of staff
workers, consumers and communities.
In the execution station, Ez pmp controls the processes and tasks needed for project implementation according to its
Project Management Manual (Ez PMM). Ez pmp also controls and counteracts project crises according to its
CMM (Crisis Management Manual).
In the project evaluation stage, projects are evaluated in two stages? one by the project staff and the other
by the customers using Clients Evaluation Sheet. Ez pmp also presents project feedback to the customers with DB report
such as Ez Report, market research and participant information related to the project.
Ez IRP(Ez Intellectual Resource Pool)  
  Ez pmp possesses resources related to diverse domestic and overseas business promotion, events, large-scale EXPOs,
exhibition, and international conventions accumulated for over 10 years. It operates Ez IRP that efficiently apply
such resources to the customer projects. Ez pmp further enhances its project success with feedback
from expert counseling meetings, interviews and surveys.