Ez Event  

Ez pmp organizes and executes diverse events by varying means and channels including those for promoting public
relations of private businesses, government and local autonomous entitles, promotion of brand image to the consumers
and morale of employees and other internal customers.

Ez Promotion  

Ez pmp performs the comprehensive service tasks of idea planning, execution, settlement and result briefing for building
the channels for persuasive information and gathering consumers based on seller initiative efforts in order to promote
exchange of products, services or ideas.

  • 2004 Shinhan Seoul SummitBraun Activator Launching Event
• Braun Flower Delivery Event "Roses with not-pricking-Kiss!" 3rd General Meeting of Shinhan Financial
• Shinhan Financial Group New Leader Meeting
• Operating ¡°Braun¡± Booth in 2003 World Best Design Exhibition Seoul
• Braun Oral-B Launching Event
• Levi¡¯s ¡°501 Day¡± Festival
• KT&G Clean Summer Campaign ¡°Keeping the Blue Sea¡±Shinhan Jump Together 2004
• SK Volunteer Group Beginning Ceremony and OrientationMoth of Family Festival ¡°Exchange your old shaver for a new one!¡±
• Model House Open Event and Ceremony of LG Xi Apartment
• 2004 Farewell Party-One Bank New Bank
• Telematics Center Opening Ceremony and Operating ¡°Telematics Bus¡± in Jeju Island
• X-note New Product Launching Show
• ¡°The Year of Korean Physics¡± Opening Ceremony